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Communicating with a video

Audiovisual communication has the advantage of completely involving the spectator; integrating new media like DVD or Internet can connect emotions with one-to-one marketing, acquiring and consolidating client trust towards a Brand.

ComPart Multimedia produces industrial videos for companies, promotional videos for products and services, television spots and music videos. ComPart offers carefully calculated solutions that guarantee presitigous films, with simple and immediate comprehension of the content.

Video gallery
Cappella Sistina
Giudizio universale
Vacanze Romane
La nascita di Venere

Nascita di Venere
per TV in 3D (SBS)

The Littletoons for iOS and Android

Classe A

Classe E

Daimler Fleet

Dynamic Lease

Mercedes-Benz Truck: Leadwall

Mercedes-Benz: Transpotec

Audiovisual communication has always been one of the most believeable and efficient tools available to companies and ComPart Multimedia, thanks to its technical and creative knowhow, has a great deal to offer in the field of creative video.

  • Istitutional Video
  • TV Commercials
  • Production services
  • Storyboard, Layout
  • Post-production
  • Compositing - FX
  • 3D Animation - (modelling and animation)
  • Animation in computer graphics
  • Cartoons