Television has the advantage of totally involving the spectator, Internet that of relating directly and interactively. DVDs and CD-ROMs are the perfect means of connecting these two communication channels, capable of holding the audience with rich and captivating content as well as allowing the navigator to choose the communicative path they prefer most.

HostingIdeal also for personal training or web sales, they can be used as “stand alone” tools or integrated with Internet to produce profiles and user judgements.

Services offered:

  • Story-board creation
  • Video DVDs / Audio DVDs
  • High quality Mpeg2 Codification - Dolby Digital audio (5.1)
  • CD-ROM / DVD-ROM production
  • Interactive kiosks
  • Interactive multimedia workstations
  • 3D Animation - (modelling and animation)
  • Virtual Reality
  • Computer graphic animation
  • Graphics and printing on CD - DVD and packaging