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The Advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual tours (also called VR panoramas, immersive images, or panoramic photos) allow you to explore an environment in photographic quality in every direction and represent a simple but spectacular solution to increase your Brand visibility in the world, showing your customers environments in an elegant, interactive, and fun way!

ComPart Multimedia was the second company in Italy to provide professional immersive panoramas through the website in 1994 and in 2010 one of the first companies in the world to provide virtual tours on touch devices such as iOS or Android.

Virtual Tour & SurroundView Creations

The creation of virtual panoramas has a variety of uses ranging from tourism (such as hotels and restaurants) to education, events, concerts, retail, or real estate.

In Italy first, ComPart Multimedia creates unique professional photographic panoramas called "SurrondView" that allow you to turn around any object, whether it's a statue, a car, a museum artifact, or a product for an e-commerce site, letting you explore it in every detail.

360-degree Product Photography for E-commerce

Providing an experience of interactive navigation on an ecommerce website with 3D product images improves conversion rates by about 15%, increasing engagement with the audience. Customers can examine a product as they would in real life, so that they can then make purchases with confidence.

Integrating these technologies into a website or mobile app allows you to retain the customer by informing them with rich and engaging content, thus enhancing the unique features of the location or product.

SurrondView® is a registered trademark of ComPart Multimedia srl