Virtual tours (also called QTVR, Panoramic VR, immersive images or panoramic photos) are an extraordinary technology that allows navigation inside a panoramic environment that rotates up to 360° in any direction with photorealistic quality.

The films are actually photographs made with a technique that creates an 'immersive' visualization, ideal for promoting a point of sale (hotels, restaurants, rural tourism, residences, real estate) or a touristic location.

In 1994, ComPart Multimedia was the second company in Italy to furnish immersive panoramic services, and in 2010, it was among the first companies in the world to offer this kind of technology on devices like the iPhone or iPad, thanks to a totally new plug-in based on HTML5 that allows the visualization of virtual panoramas on mobile devices, too.

The advantages of Virtual Reality

Virtual tours permit exploration of an environment in photographic quality in every direction, and represent a simple but spectacular solution for increasing the visibility of your Brand in the world, showing your clients the environments in a new and elegant way that’s both interactive and fun!

Integrating this technology with an Internet site, an iPhone or iPad application or an interactive DVD means holding your audience, informing it with rich and fascinating content that enhances that environments’ characteristics as though it were a film set.