The development of iPad applications represents a new communication paradigm. In fact, market research (for example: UPA - Utenti Pubblicità Associati) indicates that advertising, through these devices, increases its impact by reducing their invasiveness, "becoming a friend who accompanies the passing of the consumer's day with complicity and sympathy".

iPad applications hold their audience with strong interactive content and one-to-one marketing capabilities because they are always connected to the Internet to render the "call to action" easier. This makes them an interesting marketing opportunity. From a business point of view, applications also mean user loyalty for company products or for third party advertisers.

This new technology, even though strongly, oriented towards the consumer, is also proving to be a powerful tool for the business community.

Case study: "Active Games" is a treasure hunt for iPad, an app designed for team building. Decipher the codes, find the clues, discover history and traditions. And in the same time strengthens your team!

iPad App

The iPad reinforces retail channel strategies

As part of an integrated multichannel strategy, the iPad offers retailers another way to get to the customer. The success that iPhone applications have already demonstrated in the retail market are a good indication of how a device with a larger screen and better connectivity will, in all probability, become a widespread channel.

The tendency towards a lessening customer interest in printed catalogs is connected to the rapid growth of e-commerce. Only retailers able to offer their customers content adapted to their needs, utilizing channels such as the web, email and mobile platforms, will stand out from the competition.

iPad App

Eliminating the costs of printing brochures, agendas, newsletters, etc., creates significant savings. In coming years, many companies will begin to consider the iPad an indispensable tool for anything having to do with business.

To better understand how an iPad application created by ComPart Multimedia can be an efficient marketing tool or an excellent business oportunity, we offer some successful case studies:

iPad App

The extreme versatility of a tool like the iPad allows us to test new and unexplored pathways of communication with our clients that, in the new digital age, are setting themselves up as interactive and demanding users and no longer just as passive observers.

Eugenio Blasetti, press relations manager Mercedes-Benz Italia

Real time updates with cloud

Le App realizzate da ComPart Multimedia e l'iPad al centro della strategia Mercedes-Benz destinata ad un nuovo approccio alla vendita.

Strong point of ComPart Multimedia is to supply instruments that are extremely easy and immediate to use for the client, to manage data, making the latter autonomous for its daily content insertion needs.


The Cloud server, system core of a success app, will manage and catalogue all data and complex information displayed by the Apps, and will be created to meet client needs.

Mercedes-Benz Italia ha adottato l’iPad come “partner” di lavoro per la propria forza vendita. Le App hanno permesso di ottenere diversi benefici diretti nell'ottimizzazione del processo di vendita, come l'indipendenza dalla scrivania, l'uso facile ed intuitivo unito ad una presentazione emozionale del prodotto.

What advantages has the Mercedes-Benz brand gained from the iPad app?

  • The application is the ideal product brochure, better than paper, that illustrates the fundamental characteristics of the GLK, complete with photos, films and configurator, with the important advantage of having continuously updated content.
  • The users have the possibility of inserting their personal data and booking a test-drive directly from the application or even asking for an estimate.
  • The company’s marketing department has access to this data which is subsequently used for study and anlysis.
  • The catalogs of Original Accessories and of the Mercedes-Benz Collection were discretely inserted among the functions of the app, creating an important communication synergy between the different business units.