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iOS & Android developer since 2008

ComPart Multimedia, by virtue of its vast experience and as a Certified Apple Developer (since 2008, year of the birth of the App Store), offers complete consultancy to companies that want to invest in the creation of mobile applications for iOS and Android.

These represent an enormous audience for businesses; an interesting marketing opportunity, but above all a very important business.

ComPart can help companies in the management of all activities connected with the launch of applications for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

ComPart Multimedia takes care of everything from the original "concepts" to rollout in Apple’s App Store and beyond, with the promotion of the applications.

Realizzazione app iOS e Android

Mob App Awards 2012

ComPart Multimedia was the winner of the 2012 Mob App Award at SMAU ROMA in the Tourism category with its iPhone application "ItalyGuides: Rome, a journey into culture" developed in collaboration with Mercedes-Benz Italy.

Rome - A Journey into Culture
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App for iOS & Android

Performance and consumption

Although smartphones are typically referred to as a small pocket-size computer, in actual fact they remains a mobile device with a whole range of intrinsic characteristics and requirements such as battery efficiency and limited HD, CPU and RAM capacity.
That is why when developing an application it is important to take into account all the critical factors that may undermine the full functionality of the device.

To such purpose, ComPart Multimedia develops its products primarily in a highly optimised, native environments Swift for iOS and Java for Android, indispensable for taking full advantage of all the functions of the devices.

No interpreters or third party frameworks are used in the process as these may slow down the application, corrupt its performance and have a negative impact on the deviceʼs battery life.

iPad App

Real time updates with cloud

Strong point of ComPart Multimedia is to supply instruments that are extremely easy and immediate to use for the client, to manage data, making the latter autonomous for its daily content insertion needs.

The Cloud server, system core of a success app, will manage and catalogue all data and complex information displayed by the Apps, and will be created to meet client needs.

Realizzazione app per iPad client-server

Universal app: iPhone & iPad

ComPart Multimedia, e il suo team di sviluppo per iPhone, nel corso degli anni hanno acquisito un importante know-how che spazia dalla programmazione di applicazioni complesse in ambiente nativo.

Un esempio sono la realizzazione di applicazioni sviluppate in formato “Universal” cioè con doppia interfaccia di navigazione compatibile ed ottimizzata anche per l’utilizzo tramite iPad avvantaggiandosi in questo caso di una GUI più congeniale e pratica rispetto alla modalità iPhone.

Not just in Italy—the marketʼs global!

As mentioned before, iPhone and iPad are an interesting marketing opportunity but more than that are also an important business. Their market, however, doesn’t end at the Italian border because it’s overseas, in the United States, that the most important challenge is being played out. Only then can an application be considered a success. ComPart Multimedia, with its experience, moves easily within foreign markets, first among them, the United States.

The creative process: strategic analysis

Strategic analysis is the first fundamental part of the process, which includes the study of the action necessary to implement the clients’ needs and objectives.

Strategic analysis also includes all activities connected with publication such as:

  • Testing on different devices (iPhone 3G, iPhone 3Gs, iPhone4, all generations of iPod Touch)
  • Management of the Apple approval process
  • Communications analysis inside and outside the Apple App Store
  • Payment management

After the publication in App Store, ComPart Multimedia takes care of all promotional activity necessary to guarantee maximum visibility for the application with regard to the targeted end-user demographic.

  • App Store SEO: content optimization in the App Store with the objective of making
    them visible to all contextual searches made directly within the Store.
  • Creation and online promotion of a product site, either dedicated to the application or integrated with the client’s corporate site.
  • User support and assistance.
  • Promotion of the application through dedicated sites/blogs in the iPhone world and through the main sites of the particular business sector in which the application is positioned.
  • Online Reputation Managemen.
  • Online reputation monitoring of the application through comment analysis, published on the sites/blogs of the sector and of feedback published directly by the consumers.

ComPart Multimedia, as a registered iPhone Developer Program company, can manage the entire publication process of the application for its clients inside the App Store, and also offers support and assistance to those businesses wishing to publish their applications on their own.