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Augmented reality is a revolutionary technology that has become mainstream today for companies and the general public.

Augmented Reality makes it possible to make a physical medium (an advertising campaign, a magazine, a website) dynamic and interactive, enriching it with extra contents belonging to the virtual world with which the user can also interact directly.

Thanks to this innovative technology, what apparently may appear to us as a simple image printed on paper or an advertisement posted on the street can be transformed into an object that hides interactive surprises: video, audio, links to web pages, 3D content.

The ideal solution for museums

Augmented reality 3D apps and Museum Solutions for iOS & Android

Through the use of special “markers” (those images which, if framed, reveal the “augmented” content) it is possible to make our device interact with external reality. is a ComPart Multimedia project dedicated to museums, art galleries or tourist agencies that allows visitors to be offered technologies and features that will enhance their visits by transforming them into real multimedia experiences.

Tourists, protagonists and consumers who are increasingly more demanding, are no longer satisfied with a simple visit, but are increasingly looking for true and proper experiences. Thanks to our know-how in the tourism field, developed with project, ComPart Multimedia is able to help its customers obtain an increasingly engaging and interactive museum offer.

Augmented reality, photographic recognition of artworks, audio or video guides, sales flexibility and extreme customisation of content are just examples of what you can get.

Download, scan, enjoy.

Download the Museum App, aim at the artwork as if you wanted to take a picture and get the informations

realizzazione app per iOS e Android in realtà aumentata e riconsocimento fotografico

Top features and technology for your visitors

Thanks to our platform, museums can offer their visitors, apps that use all the latest mobile technologies. Augmented reality, photographic recognition of artworks, audio guides, high resolution videos, all naturally available in different languages.

Explore all the features of our apps.

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realizzazione app per iOS e Android per musei

Effective tool for the museum business

Determine your app sales policy and measure trends with audience analysis, visiting patterns, and behavior.

Customizes and updates all data relating to the artworks and the structure of the museum in real time, with cutting edge assistance capable of handling even the most exceptional events or heavy loads.

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realizzazione app museali in realtà aumentata

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