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We are web designers, developers, project managers, and digital marketing professionals, dedicated to creative and result-oriented web solutions.

Every project is different, but thirty years of experience mean a professionalism that allows us to offer informed guidance tailored to the creation of a corporate website.

With constant attention to the needs of users, we design websites that grow brands and drive the audience to action.

Understanding the client, their brand, and their ambitions is as important to us as understanding the practical aspects of the brief. We understand all the subtle nuances of online communication to find resonance with the client and establish a deep relationship.

We use human interaction, intuition and instinct to understand and elaborate exactly what you need.

Whether it's increasing profits, providing support, selling products or promoting your brand, let our web design services bring your company to the center of attention of your audience.

Web agency Rome

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The Strategic Importance of a Well-Designed Website

A good website is always a valuable business growth engine.

  • 90% of online buyers trust a brand that offers a good user experience (UX).
    – Toptale
  • 48% of consumers cite website design as the decisive factor in determining the credibility of an online business.
    – Ironpaper
  • 94% of first impressions of a brand are related to its visual appeal and website navigation.
    – ResearchGate
  • 40% of online users abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load.
    – Kissmetrics

Development of Web Applications and Management Software

Developing on the web is not only about creating websites or e-commerce, but also about creating web applications and management software capable of facilitating and automating business processes, integrating with internal workflows or external systems, such as a retail network or partner companies. ComPart Multimedia develops web-based management software that is accessible anywhere, not only from PCs but also on the go from smartphones and tablets.

ComPart Multimedia, for example, was chosen by Mercedes-Benz Italy to create the price list management system for its luxury cars. With its expertise, ComPart Multimedia created a web-based system capable of managing huge amounts of complex data and generating all the price lists for the car range, among the most complex in the automotive industry, in a simple and intuitive manner. The system also feeds numerous internal and external quoting systems and manages the sales network channels.

Over the years, ComPart has developed important management software in the automotive, tourism, and corporate training fields, also using gamification techniques.

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What’s important in website design?


Developing ideas that benefit the business and drive conversions


Working as a team, from web design to marketing planning

e-commerce website

Graphics Design

Creating visuals that provide credibility and reliability to customers


Creating quality content to motivate and drive purchases

Generating audience

Creating emotions and participation is important, most of all for companies that are institutionally oriented to transmitting appeal. An interactive communication tool like an Internet site allows a company to hold its audience, informing it with rich and inviting content and lets the navigator choose the communication path he prefers.

Even if page organization continuously tends to respond to standards determined by the psychology of vision, creativity remains the principal weapon of every good graphic artist. Creativity oriented towards efficient communication and the complex objectives of the project is often a most efficient and most undervalued tool.

Graphics transmit information, sensations or experiences of a principally visual nature, not explicitly communicable on a textual level. Multimedia communication is also helped by movement, sound and music that can emphasize or underline certain concepts that are difficult to express in words.

One of the main jobs of the graphic design of a site is that of furnishing credibility and thrustworthiness, key elements for the efficiency of any form of business comunication.

Graphics contribute to this objective:

  • by illustrating paths for the user within the site;
  • making navigation easier by addressing visual associations between elements and content;
  • defining the visual organization of the page-space, bringing out the semantic structure.

ComPart Multimedia analyzes a project for the creation of an Internet site in all its aspects, evaluating the critical factors and furnishing the right solutions according to the needs of both client and clients’ market. Specifically, the following aspects are analyzed:

  • Structuring the data
  • Generating audience
  • Furnishing credibility
  • Technical and creative synergy

Furnishing credibility, our case studies:


Synergy between creativity and technical competence

SEO optimization

Search engine optimization is planned and included from the layout design stage.

Mobile ready

Fluid lazyload technology that adapts perfectly to PCs, smartphones, and tablets.

24/7 support

For enterprise contracts, 24/7 support is guaranteed.

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Content Management System

Open-source CMS that are easy to use and modular for future business needs.

E-commerce solutions

Complete modules for creating a multilingual e-commerce website.

Security First

Constant and periodic security updates for developed projects.