The creation of Internet sites with applications or complex systems, the ecommerce function, for example, demand a synergy from the creative agency and technical staff.

HostingBecause of this, besides creative development of the site, ComPart Multimedia suggests a solid server platform, based on open-source1 systems and software that combine excellent functionality with cost reduction that, thanks to their safety and reliability, have reached ever wideri2 segments of
professionals in the business.

Other than traditional hosting, with a single available server, ComPart Multimedia offers a Content Delivery Network thanks to its partners.

The Content Delivery Network service provides for installation and client data updates hosted in several, separate Web Farms throughout different data centers both in Italy and overseas.

In In this way, a web of Internet services is created, a web that is highly redundant and reliable; in fact, since all content is replicated on the WorldDirector servers, client data is always accessible to the end user on at least one of the servers.

How does a Content Delivery Network work?

The service allows the end-user totally transparent access to the fastest (or closest) server, notably lowering response times and accelerating connection speed.

This is a very important aspect particularly in cases in which the website or gateway has high numbers of visitors and/or the volume of exchanged data is extremely large.

There is also the option of content acceleration that can reduce traffic by 50% through data compression with the Browser HTTP 1.1 and IEFT protocol content encoding, resulting in up to 4 times the speed for the end-user.

The system is scalable and perfectly modular according to the clients’ needs, and it’s possible, at any time, to upgrade or downgrade the services using the full range of WorldDirector functions on Web Farms in Europe, Asia, Australia and America.

1. Can be substituted according to the needs of commercial products.