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The importance of a paper catalog or brochure

Paper has always been important. The creation of a brochure has always had a fundamental role in communication.

Over time, the web has become one of the preferred means of informing clients of services on offer and of company activities, but by its very nature does not give the desired immediacy in every situation; in fact, it can even be inaccessible due to a series of factors of a practical nature.

Thus the brochure is the fastest and easiest way of coming into contact with the brand and is an irreplaceable necessity and important means of communication of company image, above all for displays, events or conventions.

An indispensable tool for transmitting brand value and company services to your clients, the brochure can also be integrated with product catalogs, informational handouts, or even Augmented reality (AR)

In the creation of any company brochure, certain parameters must be taken into account, aspects that have significant effects on product efficiency and production costs, such as:

  • final use and demographic target
  • type of products or services being presented
  • identifying copy strategy and consumer benefit
  • content development: copy and visual content
  • expected final number of copies and kind of printing (offset or digital)
  • paper weight
  • additional typographic processes (polishing, perforation, plastification,
    heat transfers, etc.)

ComPart Multimedia knows how important image is to a brand and closely follows the process all the way through to final printing of the product, checking every detail along the way.

Assisted by expert technical and typographic companies, ComPart Multimedia assures constant quality control of the product from design to final production.

Print & Augmented reality

Printed products such as brochures or product catalogs can also be integrated with the most modern technologies, such as the web via QR Code or "Augmented Reality".

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Packaging: when clothes make the man

Packaging is a powerful tool serving the construction of corporate image.

Packaging plays an indispensable role in brand success. Creating the packaging for a product means wrapping it in such a way that the form and proportions are enhanced, so as to stimulate the eye of the consumer and to encourage a sale.

In particular, in the consumption phase, packaging, more than any other medium, guarantees closing the gap between mark and user through the creation of a true experience of the brand.

ComPart Multimedia knows how to give the right form to your product because we know that packaging plays a fundamental role in brand communication, contributing in a significant way to the development of brand image, enhancing its main values.