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smart: open your mind

ComPart Multimedia developed and manages the smart Italian official website from 1997 to 2008:

smart Continental Project

An adventurous journey inside the heart and beyond the limits of the European continent, from the Mediterranean coasts to the desolate steppe of the East, from the fjords of the Far North to the gates of the Sahara.

ComPart Multimedia has followed the realization of the event and managed the creation of the logo and all promotional operation.

The reportage made by a team composed of young film-makers keen on travel, enhanced the website, developed by Compart Multimedia.

Through the website it was possible to follow day by day the various stages of the journey.

smart e-learning

Compart Multimedia developed many e-learning and educational products not only for the smart sales network but also for the Chrysler and Mercedes-Benz Italy ones.