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smart: open your mind

From 1997 to 2008, ComPart Multimedia played a fundamental role in the management and production of the official website of Our company handled every aspect of production, starting from the graphic concept to the content production.

Thanks to a dynamic graphic concept, color choice, and an original and attractive visual design, the website became an effective tool for promoting the smart brand and its products, reaching a vast audience of enthusiasts and curious users.

The website was based on an open-source Content Management System managed on ComPart Multimedia servers, supported by CDN technology. Thanks to this technological solution, we were able to ensure the maximum efficiency and security for the site, improving user experience and ensuring smooth and fast navigation.

smart Continental Project

A daring adventure beyond the borders of the European continent, lasting six months, from the shores of the Mediterranean to the desolate steppes of the East, from the fjords of the Great North to the gates of the Sahara.

ComPart Multimedia followed the event and took care of the creation of the corporate image and all promotional materials related to the smart Continental Project.

The reportages, made by the team, consisting of a group of young travel enthusiasts and filmmakers, fueled the website, created by ComPart Multimedia, through which it was possible to follow the various stages of the journey day by day, through a video diary written by the protagonists themselves.

smart e-learning

ComPart Multimedia has extensive experience in creating e-learning and professional training products and has collaborated with important companies such as smart, Chrysler, and Mercedes-Benz Italy.

Our tools offer extensive updated documentation on new products and services offered by companies, as well as online questionnaires to evaluate the post-training preparation of sales agents.

Thanks to the use of cutting-edge technologies, these training tools allow sellers to acquire knowledge interactively and engagingly, contributing to improving the effectiveness of the sales network and ensuring high-quality service to their customers.