Creative work that speaks for itself

The app developed by ComPart Multimedia allows, through a multimedia audio guide, to develop a new way of popularizing science, using the emotional and entertainment aspects and combining them with the possibility of illustrating in simple and captivating terms the scientific concepts underlying the experiments carried out in this building by Enrico Fermi and his group.

Francesco Sylos Labini, Museum Director

Recognition through QR Code

The Museum's App for iOS or Android, uses the recognition of museum works through QR Code. By tapping "Scan" and framing the code, the artwork is immediately recognized without the need for an internet connection.

The recognition through QR Code guarantees greater flexibility compared to photographic recognition, when museum works are heterogeneous in shape and type. Moreover, it guarantees a considerable reduction of development and updating costs, facilitating the processes.

Content Map

Thanks to the flexible remote administration system, the app is built according to the specific needs of the museum, following the real structure of the exhibition environments.

Or, you can build a logical abstract point of interest, ordering the structure in such a way that you can always choose the best way of presenting your contents to your customers.

Multi-language by design

Designed to communicate in different languages. The system allows you to quickly enter any foreign language in an extremely easy and fast way, without having to re-download the app from the store.

The system interfaces with the visitor's phone and provides content directly in the language of the visitor's operating system, or in English, if there is none available.

Photos, audios and videos

Each work allows visitors to be involved by listening to audio guides, including text for the deaf, watching videos in high definition and a photo gallery to comment on the artwork, so you can emphasize some details to maximize the narrative impact.

Available for iOS and Android

App is available for both iOs and Android. Optimized development with native code ensures high performance and reliability.

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