Creative work that speaks for itself

From 1997 to 2008, ComPart Multimedia managed every aspect of the production of the official website of Mercedes-Benz Italy, from the graphic concept to the production of the content.

A focus group conducted in 2007 by the Istituto Grandi Numeri, referring to the website developed entirely by ComPart Multimedia, stated:

"The image conveyed by the website is the image of a brand attractive, modern and dynamic and, at the same time, sophisticated and elegant."

Istituto Grandi Numeri

Later on, ComPart Multimedia managed the content through the proprietary CMS system used by the parent company, Daimler, thus unifying the Italian corporate identity with the international one.

Mercedes-Benz Digital Sales

iPad has been at the center of a new Mercedes-Benz sales strategy, thanks to the apps developed by ComPart Multimedia. These apps have allowed for a more engaging brand experience, improved product presentation, and optimized workflows for dealers.

Through interactive experiences, customers were able to choose and configure their own car, access product videos with explanations of all the various car features, as well as exclusive offers and promotions.

With these new tools, Mercedes-Benz was able to provide customers with a unique and personalized sales experience, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and loyalty. The partnership between Mercedes-Benz and ComPart Multimedia has been a success, and the use of iPad apps has proven to be a game changer in the automotive industry.

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App iPad Mercedes-Benz

PriceList Manager Mercedes-Benz

ComPart Multimedia was the chosen company by Mercedes-Benz Italy to create their price list management system for their luxury cars.

Thanks to their skills, ComPart Multimedia created a system based on web technologies, capable of managing huge amounts of complex data and generating all the car range price lists in a simple and intuitive way, among the most complex in the automotive industry.

But not only that: this system is also capable of feeding numerous external and internal quotation systems, as well as managing the sales network channels. Currently, the system produces two different PDF outputs and interfaces with 5 external systems.

Thanks to this development work, Mercedes-Benz Italy is now able to offer its customers always updated and complete price lists, as well as a simplified management of quotations for the sales network. ComPart Multimedia has once again demonstrated to be a reliable and cutting-edge partner in the production of advanced software solutions for the automotive industry.

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Passenger Cars Websites

The website has the merit of convey a consistent image with the brand and also of making youngest the image of Mercedes-Benz.

Istituto Grandi Numeri

This is the final result from a focus group study conducted in 2007 by Istituto Grandi Numeri focused on website developed by ComPart Multimedia.

Video: post-production & CGI

ComPart Multimedia has produced numerous institutional videos promoting both products and services, which also include activities such as post-production, compositing, re-synchronization, and Italian dubbing.

Thanks to its expertise and consolidated experience in the field of professional video production, the company has been able to offer customized solutions to meet the client's needs, ensuring a high level of quality in every phase of the production process.

Desktop publishing, Merchandise, ADV

ComPart Multimedia has supported the realization of various events and promotional campaigns for the Mercedes-Benz brand, offering services such as print, billboards, point-of-sale materials, and more.

Thanks to its expertise and consolidated experience in the field of visual communication and printing, the company has provided customized and high-quality solutions to meet the client's needs.