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With over two million visitors and twelve million page views in one year, is an innovative project dedicated to the world of culture, tourism, and technology, offering photos, virtual panoramas, HD videos, and of course, its famous audio guides for iPods and mp3s. has a desire to innovate, experimenting with new technologies or finding new methods of application for already existing technologies. was born as an experiment and has become a laboratory of ideas, where ComPart is free to experiment with new communication techniques, new paths without the mediation of a client.

An homage to Italy, a project completely conceived and realized by ComPart Multimedia, dedicated to the enormous artistic and cultural heritage of Italy. See

Numbers count

Every day over 5,700 unique visitors enter, download audio guides (over 250,000 in one year) and visit an average of 12 pages of the site with an annual growth of 60%. To date, more than 200 important keywords (such as "Trevi Fountain" or "Pantheon") provide as the first page result of major search engines.

Statistics also reveal that a considerable portion of visitors arrive not only from Google but from positive "word of mouth" of users and bloggers in line with the trend of Web 2.0. certifies with a Traffic Rank of around 156,663, which means that only 156,663 websites worldwide have higher popularity than

Industry-leading App

The Interactive Guide to the Vatican Museums is an extraordinary iPhone application created by ComPart Multimedia for its brand

Thanks to the prestigious narrators' voices of "Alessandro Rossi" in Italian version and "Greg Snegoff" for English, it immediately found public and critical acclaim, earning a nomination for the Möbius Multimedia award organized by the city of Lugano and RSI - Swiss Radio Television.

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Italy in Primetime was the first in Italy to create a podcast in high definition (designed for HDTVs), completely free, aimed at all tourists planning a trip to Italy, but also for those who, unable to travel, want to discover the wonders of our country comfortably seated on their living room couch.

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A real revolution for tourists

World's first! in December 2005 was the first website in the world to provide free mp3 audio guide downloads, forever changing the way tourism is done. Today, there are hundreds of websites that offer both free and paid audio guides.

Starting from 2007, audio guides became the focus of an exclusive co-marketing agreement with the prestigious car company, Mercedes-Benz Italy, which led to the download of over 100,000 audio guides for the Italian language in 2007 alone. is a registered trademark of ComPart Multimedia srl.