Helping companies realize their potential

Ready to interpret and manage all the most efficient forms of communication for you, to give the decisive push to your Company’s finest energies, ComPart Multimedia offers the widest and most innovative forms of communication, from visual graphics to the latest multimedia systems.

With 30 years of experience in the industry, ComPart Multimedia is an All Media Agency capable of satisfying any of your communication needs, offering cliented-oriented integrated service that’s ready to respond to a highly competitive market.

Your Business Benefit®

More than just a communication agency, the advantage of an All Media Agency is that it can give a company complete, operative strategic counseling, in all existing media, integrating it with the company’s business plans.

Thanks to its know-how matured online as well as offline, ComPart Multimedia can analyze specific problems of any company, evaluate the efficacy and economic convenience of all means, thus finding forms of communication most suitable to the ultimate aim of reaching planned objectives.

Given its powerful skills in developing optimal partnerships with the client and, thanks to constant study of market evolution, ComPart Multimedia offers the advantage of integrating traditional marketing tools with the most innovative communication methods.

Activating strategic consistency for a company is never easy to put into practice. Impatience and the desire to pursue short-term goals result in tactical choices that can damage brand strategy in exchange for immediate but temporary results that can provoke problems in the long run.

ComPart Multimedia can be a strategic partner capable of counseling the client in all key operations regarding efficient communication plans; determining the competitive edge, knowing how to orient the company image to gain credibility, while continuously gauging company marketing strategies.

The primary objective is to help companies communicate their Brand through market analysis, analysis of the competition and of targets, to bring out the strong points and harmonize expectations and desires with their respective markets.