Helping companies realize their potential

Present for over thirty years in the communication sector, ComPart Multimedia is an All Media Agency capable of meeting any need and offering a client-oriented integrated service, ready to respond to the needs of a highly competitive and challenging market.

Much more than a communication agency, the advantage of an All Media Agency is the ability to offer companies a complete strategic and operational consulting service, on all existing media, integrating it with the company's business plans.

Thanks to its Know-how matured both online and offline, ComPart Multimedia is able, by analyzing the specific needs of each company, to evaluate the actual effectiveness and economic convenience of each means, thus creating the most suitable communication that has as its sole purpose the achievement of predefined objectives.

The primary objective is to help companies communicate their brand through market analysis; of competition and target reference, to enhance their strengths and enter into harmony with the expectations and desires of their markets.

With its ability to develop an excellent partnership with the customer and thanks to the constant study of market evolution, ComPart Multimedia offers the advantage of being able to integrate traditional marketing tools with the most innovative communication methods.

ComPart Multimedia is proposed as a strategic partner capable of advising the client on all key operations for the effectiveness of a communication plan; determining the competitive advantage, knowing how to guide the company image towards credibility, always comparing itself with the company's marketing strategies.

Mission, Vision & Values

To continue to grow, we must always look ahead, understand the trends and forces that will shape our company in the future, and move quickly to prepare for what's to come.

Our roadmap begins with our Mission, which defines our purpose as a company and represents the benchmark for our actions.

Our Mission

"Contribute to the world by helping businesses, individuals, and brands create value and develop and grow their market with mutual profit."

Our Vision

"Utilize the power of new technologies to reach a global audience and communicate with passion, simplicity, and innovation."

Our values guide our actions and outline our behavior in the world.

  • Awareness: use conscious communication based on values and ethical principles towards oneself and others;
  • Responsibility: if I want something to happen, it's up to me to make it happen;
  • Positivity: have a positive and winning mindset that guides our behaviors;
  • Simplicity: even if dealing with a complex system, work to make it easy to use;
  • Knowledge: never take anything for granted, always be curious;
  • Innovation: revolution sounds better than evolution;
  • Passion: commit in heart and mind to growing the brand value;
  • Quality: what we do, we do well;
  • Collaboration: leverage collective genius and reward people who stand out;
  • Leadership: the courage to create a better future;

Our logo

ComPart Multimedia

Our logo, as an ambassador, has the task of inspiring strength, focus, willpower, and the ability to achieve one's goals.

"The Sagittarius or Centaur is the symbol of the man who has managed to triumph over the dark forces of instinct with reason. This mythological figure, whose body of a horse was surmounted by a man's torso, is a metaphor that describes the human being as formed by two natures: inferior and superior; he cannot rid himself of his inferior nature but must learn to master it to put it to work.
Moreover, in the representation of the Centaur or Sagittarius itself, the horse's body is in motion, running; but that run is not without reason, it has a meaning, it is in the service of a weighed action, expressed by the bow held ready to launch the arrow. Imagine what mastery one must possess to shoot the bow and hit the right target. This is how the Sagittarius represents the man who puts the motions of his lower nature at the service of an ideal: the arrow that goes exactly to reach its target."

Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov