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Rome - ComPart Multimedia is pleased to announce a major update to their which features free, downloadable MP3 audio guides and HDTV video guides of Italy's most famous tourist destinations.

The HTML5 update enables iPad, iPhone and iPod touch owners to view the website's free virtual panoramas (once also called QTVR), without an Adobe Flash player, technology not supported in the iPhone OS. The ItalyGuides website also features interactive iPhone apps, maps, thousands of photos, and tickets for major attractions.

The updated ItalyGuides website employs the newest HTML5 media player, which is expected to supplant the Adobe Flash player in many applications.

The new player "moblVR" chosen by ComPart Multimedia is available from AdVRtualise, and meets the new specifications of the HTML5 webpage authoring framework.


ItalyGuides, who in 1996 were one of the first websites to offer virtual panoramas of Italy, collaborated closely with AdVRtualise during the player's development and testing. And today ItalyGuides is pleased to be one of the first web sites to offer virtual panoramas as a contribution to the "magical and revolutionary" iPad experience.


Based on Apple's QuickTime Virtual Reality, the website's virtual panoramas allow the user to control the view around 360 degrees.

They can move left/right, up/down, and in/out for a realistic, immersive experience. The website automatically recognizes the device connected and provides the correct player, so iPad users will see the new HTML5 engine, while users running Mac OS X or Windows will still see the older Flash player.


Fact Summary:

  • ComPart Multimedia, srl (LLC), updates its ItalyGuides website
  • The HTML5 update enables virtual panoramas on the iPad and iPhone
  • ItalyGuides has offered virtual panoramas since 1996 using QTVR
  • features free audio guides, video guides, maps and photo
  • The company also markets Vatican Museums, an iPhone application
  • ItalyGuides is one of the web's most popular travel guide sites for Italy


One of the web's most popular travel guide sites for Italy, ItalyGuides had nearly two million unique visitors and eleven million page views in 2009. A testament to the comprehensiveness and refined design of the website, 38% of all visitors were Americans, 19% Italians, with the remaining 43% from all over the world. The site's interactive map of Italy serves as the portal to guides, travel tips and virtual panoramas of the following cities: Rome, Venice, Florence, Pisa, Siena, Naples, Capri, Sorrento and Taormina.

Now owners of the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad can view our beautiful virtual panoramas wherever they are” – commented Leonardo Calandra, owner of ComPart Multimedia, srl. – “It is the perfect complement to our audio and video guides, and our Vatican Museums application”.