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ComPart Multimedia has been nominated for the Möbius Multimedia 2010 prize organized by the city of Lugano and by RSI (Swiss Radio & Television) for its work "Interactive Guide to the Vatican Museums".

This 14th year of the presitigious Lugano Möbius Multimedia Prize, started in 1997 by the City of Lugano and by the Swiss Radio & Television, with the patronage of the Prix Möbius International, will take place Saturday, October 2, 2010 at Studio 2 of the Swiss Radio at Lugano-Besso.

The competition aims at enhancing the value of quality multimedia works by Italian language editors and widening their visibility both locally and internationally. The jury is composed of qualified experts from universities, cultural institutions and scientific research as well as from the professions of communication and formation.

RSICompetition finalists – The days’ programme consists of the presentation of the works to the jury and public during the morning session, starting at 09.30, with the prizegiving scheduled for 18.00.

The 3 finalists competing for the Möbius Prize ebook:

During the course of the day there will be a debate entitled The Book of the Future and Digital Media that, starting at 15.30, will include the participation of Derrick de Kerckhove – psychotechnologist, specialist in connected intelligence and student of famed Canadian sociologist Marshall McLuhan – together with Gino Roncaglia, humanist computer scientist and author of The Fourth Revolution: six lessons on the future of books, Andrea Basso, research director at AT&T Labs, Gualtiero Carraro, digital author and Paolo Paolini, professor at the Milan Politechnic and instructor at the Italian Swiss University.

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