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ComPart Multimedia: Your Business Benefit®

Ready to interpret and manage all the most efficient forms of communication for you, to give the decisive push to your Company’s finest energies, ComPart Multimedia offers the widest and most innovative forms of communication, from visual graphics to the latest multimedia systems.

With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, ComPart Multimedia is an All Media Agency capable of satisfying any of your communication needs, offering cliented-oriented integrated service that’s ready to respond to a highly competitive market.

If you’re thinking about getting the word out, think about us.

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Our core business:

Website design & development: what’s important to keep in mind?

ComPart Multimedia, with its know-how accumulated over more than 20 years of experience as a web-agency creates and offers complete consultancy to companies that want to invest in the creation of an Internet site.

Navigation within an Internet site offers, much more than traditional media, closure of the gap between brand and user, guaranteeing a true brand experience. Consequently, the Internet site is a powerful tool at the service of companies for the affirmation of corporate image and for the sale of products and services.

ComPart Multimedia analyzes a project for the creation of an Internet site in all its aspects, evaluating the critical factors and furnishing the right solutions according to the needs of both client and clients’ market.

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Museum Solutions for iOS & Android

Thanks to our platform, museums or touristic areas can offer their visitors, apps that use all the latest mobile technologies. Augmented reality, photographic recognition of artworks, audio guides, high resolution videos, all naturally available in different languages.

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Mobile Applications for iOS & Android

ComPart Multimedia, by virtue of its vast experience and as a Certified Apple Developer, offers a complete consultancy to companies that want to invest in the creation of applications for iPhone and iPod Touch.