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ComPart Multimedia: Your Business Benefit®

Ready to interpret and manage all the most efficient forms of communication for you, to give the decisive push to your Company’s finest energies, ComPart Multimedia offers the widest and most innovative forms of communication, from visual graphics to the latest multimedia systems.

With more than 18 years of experience in the industry, ComPart Multimedia is an All Media Agency capable of satisfying any of your communication needs, offering cliented-oriented integrated service that’s ready to respond to a highly competitive market.

If you’re thinking about getting the word out, think about us.

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Website design & development: what’s important to keep in mind?

Creating emotions and participation is important, most of all for companies that are institutionally oriented to transmitting appeal. An interactive communication tool like an Internet site allows a company to hold its audience, informing it with rich and inviting content and lets the navigator choose the communication path he prefers.

Even if page organization continuously tends to respond to standards determined by the psychology of vision, creativity remains the principal weapon of every good graphic artist. Creativity oriented towards efficient communication and the complex objectives of the project is often the most efficient and most undervalued tool.

Graphics contribute to the following objectives:
  • They transmit information, sensations or experiences of a principally visual nature, not explicitly communicable on a textual level;
  • Multimedia communication is also helped by movement, sound and music that can emphasize or underline certain concepts that are difficult to express in words.
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The most relevant structural aspect of an Internet site is determined by how the information is organized: subdividing the internal systems in areas, labeling single informative blocks, preparing internal navigation systems and information research are indispensable operations for allowing the user to find his way about and to find what he’s truly looking for.

Statistics say it clearly: from 39% to 50% of potential on-line sales are lost because users can’t find what they’re looking for. Loss of traffic, sales scarcity, poor use of shopping carts, leaving the site after visiting only the home page, absence of return visitors...

The problem often lies in a projectual approach that ignores the user experience, the real navigation experience of the user.

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With the birth of the so-called "Web 2.0", the web-communities have jumped into the company marketing mix that offers, for example, interaction with one’s own clients in a personalized way, such as offering extra content or services only to registered users through the possibility of generating personalized sections of the site for each client, helping the company better understand its clients and showing them that they really care.

Creating an Internet site with complex applications like those just described, utilizing above all CMS systems (often Open Source), demands a creative and technical synergy on the part of the creative agency and of the technical staff that ComPart Multimedia can guarantee.

All ComPart Multimedia projects guarantee perfect compatibility of the pages and content with the principal operating systems and browsers currently available, according to international W3C standards.

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Applications for iPhone / iPod touch

ComPart Multimedia, by virtue of its vast experience and as a Certified Apple Developer, offers a complete consultancy to companies that want to invest in the creation of applications for iPhone and iPod Touch.


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iPad Applications

iPad definitely represents an interesting opportunity for those companies looking to innovate in the context of a competitive market. ComPart offers complete consultancy, from project planning to development, all the way through to App Store publication.

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